Mary’s Prayer

14 Jun

Question Text  Before Mary was visited by the angel What kind of prayer would she have been praying. In that era would she have had a set prayer or would she be praying a personal prayer? 
Answer Text  In the Biblical era you may notice that all prayers were personal prayers. All the prayers that are made mention of in the Scriptures are all personal prayers. It looks that there is no exemption to this rule. So we may conclude without any doubt that the prayers that Mary prayed before she was visited by the angel were surely her personal prayers. Set prayers came into vogue after Christianity became a formal religion with all its practices which are not found or attested in the Scriptures. While set prayers have a lot to their credit, personal prayers surpass them all as it is simply a heart to heart communion with God. Hannah in the Old Testament is a typical exampe (1Sam.1:12-13). Kindly observe that all the prayers listed in the Bible, Invariably they were all pesonal prayers.

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