Doing The Impossible!

25 Mar

Question Text:  The  Bible talks about many impossibilities.  How can I do some thing which is impossible to people around me?

Answer Text:  Hi,  I am so very happy to see you with your question!  The Bible teaches that God is a God of impossibilites.  Nothing is impossible to God is repeated several times in the Bible in different words (Gen.18:14; job 42:2; Lk.1:37).  Now the most amazing thing about the Bible is that it also says “nothing shall be impossible to them that believe” (Mt.17:20). 

 We live in a time when every one talks about the human ‘mind power’ and about achieving the impossible as something which ordinary people can dream of.  Whether that is true or not, being in link with God, man is truly capable of  achieving what is otherwise  impossible with man!  There is NO doubt about it at all.  The Bible and histroy of the church is replete with examples of men and women who achieved the impossible with the help of God.  ok, 

Now coming to your personal situation,  your desire to achieve the impossible is really great and you are on the right track.  Your faith in the Bible and your genuineness is also deeply appreciable.  Now you seem to be staying with your parents and still you depend on them.  Very good.  The present impossible task you need to achieve is to remain obedient to them!  Look at Jesus, our Lord.  The Eternal Word who is the agent of creation, the one who sustains the universe by the word of His power, to limit Himself within a 6 foot human body is some thing beyond imagination!  Then at the age of 12 He demostrated such intellectual power which amazed those who were around and heard Him (Lk.2:47).  Still He continued to be submissive to His parents till He was 30 years old!  That was some thing really difficult for Him to do.  Why thirty years?  Because the Jews considered some one mature enough do do public service only at  age of thirty (cf. Num.4:2). 

 So my dear young friend, the first impossible thing you need to achieve in your life is to learn to be submissive to your parents till you are independent and ready to act on your own.  Remember Joseph had that dream when he was just 17 and he had to go through situations and turmoils beyond imagination till he was thirty when he became the supreme authority in Egypt!

While being submissive to your parents I would suggest that you get as close to the Lord as possible and become one spirit with Him (1Cor.6:17) so much so you train yourself to think the way the Lord thinks.  Fill your heart and life with the Word of God (Col.3:16).  Learn of the Lord what He wants you to achieve in your life (Ps.32:8).  Then when the time comes for you to demonstrate it in life,  do the impossible for Him  and for HIS GLORY (2Chr.16:9).  May God give you grace as you want to do the impossible for Him.  My prayers are with you.    Please go to    and  learn about praying for the impossible.  God bless!!

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