Hindu mark on forehead!

09 Jul

Question Text:  I am a Christian and have accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour. I got converted from being a Hindu.  Is it appropriate for me to wear a dot on my forehead, even if it of a different colour.  Does this have any Religous Meaning.  I have also read that wearing a toe ring has religoud significance, is it appropriate to wear this as well.

Answer Text:  Your question whether the mark on the forehead used by Hindus has any religious significance can easily be solved if you just do a search in the net for your answer.   Typical statements that you come across in your reading will be like the following.  “This mark has a religious significance and is a visible sign of a person as belonging to the Hindu religion”. In times past only gods and priests had this sign on them.  Later it was given to all who came to worship at the temple. As days went by, people who had idols in their houses used it after worshipping the idols.  Now mostly ladies use it in different colors and it has come to the level of just a beauty spot as well.  Whether used for religious reasons or as a beauty spot, a believer in Christ NEED not go for it at all.   God hates idolatry to the core because it misrepresents Him to the greatest extent.  The people of Israel were warned NOT to bring any relics from idols to their home how ever costly and attractive, so that there may not be a curse given to them (Dt.8:25, 26). The same goes for toe ring as well.   Coming to the NT we read that “all that is not of faith is sin” (Rom.14:23b).  As a believer in Christ, you have to make sure that you do only such things which do not create a doubt in your own heart or in the hearts of others who watch you.  May God bless you as you seek to live a life acceptable to Him.  To His name be all glory.  Amen.

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