False Accusations

05 Aug

Question Text :  Someone has made false allegations against me, that has caused me serious trouble. what scriptures can I read that will help me?

Answer Text :  Remember that you are not the only one who was falsely accused. Ps.35:11; Mt.10:25; Lk.7:33f;Jn.15:21; In fact they sought false witnesses against Christ. Mt.26:59,60. So when you are falsely accused, you are privileged to have a share in the afflictions of Christ. Not every one is called up on to suffer this way! How are we to react to this situation? The Bible says `rejoyce` (Mt.5:11). It is pretty hard to do it. But it is a step of faith to rejoyce over an aaffliction (1Pt.4:13). Pepople around you might thiink that you have gone insane! But that is the true reaction God expects of us. Never retaliate (1Pt.2:23) but commit the matter to the One who judges righteously. God`s promises are wonderful. Take hold of them in faith. Pray unceasingly till the Lord intervenes and gives you peace that passeth human understanding. Wait to see in faith the good which is to come out of it all. Read Isa.66:5; 54:17; Ps.34:19;Rom.8:28.

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