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Praying for others

Question Text :  If you feel led to pray for someone, do you need their permission to so?

Answer Text :  That prayer is a big mystery is indisputable. That God carries out His purposes in this world through answered prayers of His people is some thing the Scriptures teach again and again (cf. Dan.9:1-3; Lk.24:49; Acts.2:1). So if I feel led to pray for someone this means that God is at work within me (Phil,2:13). Since everyone does not have this kind of burden to pray for others, we must definitely cash in on this and do the needful immediately.

I wish to bring two examples from the Scriptures of people who were led to pray for others. In Gen. 18 the angel of the Lord appears to Abraham and tells him what was going to happen to Sodom and Gomorrah where Lot and family were staying. And this led Abraham to intercede for the cities of the plains. The cities were not spared, but Lot and family were spared; we are told in 19:29 that it was because the Lord remembered Abraham. Another example is found in 1Sam. 15. Here in vv.10-11 we are told that the Lord told Samuel of the behavior of Saul and his disobedience and this led Samuel to pray the whole night before the Lord and the result was that Samuel was shown David as the next one to be anointed as king instead of Saul (1sam.16:1).

 On both these occasions the Lord gave a burden to pray for someone else and they prayed without the permission of the ones for whom they prayed. I think it is a general principle taught in the Scriptures about praying for others. We are asked to pray for all men(1Tim.2:1). Naturally it is impossible for us to get everyone’s permission to pray for them.

But if we were led to pray for someone close to us, we might get into contact with them and find out the actual situation in which they are found so that we could meaningfully intercede for their needs. When prayers are specific answers are specific as well. When general prayers are done, answers are usually in general categories. So if we need specific answers it is essential to pray in specific terms.

The author remembers an occasion when he was led to pray for a pioneer missionary in an alien field. From four o’clock early in the morning till 12 noon the burden was so heavy on his heart that he spent the whole time interceding for that missionary. But he did not know what exactly was the situation there. So he prayed that the Lord would be gracious to him and protect the missionary. There were very few words in that prayer. It was like sending SMS after SMS to heaven at an SOS level (cf.Mt.26:44).

When at noon the burden was relieved, a letter was sent to the missionary in the field asking him what exactly was happening there. His response was awesome. He began his reply this way, “That you wrote to me on the 2nd of Feb. is remarkable. It is a red letter day in our lives when the Lord saved us from our enemies…”. The one who prayed did not know that the missionary in the field was planned to be attacked on that day. But the Lord placed a burden to pray for the missionary. And the result was, before the enemies came together on that day, the ring leader among them had an accidental death on his way! Remember we are asked to pray that the Lord would deliver His people from the hands of evil men (2The.3:1-2).

So if any one has a burden to pray for someone else, it is essential to pray through till the burden is over. One need not wait till permission is received. Let us remember that the Lord does nothing spiritual in the world today except in answer to prayers of His saints. It is a very clear teaching of the Scriptures and is seldom recognized and understood even by many well-meaning believers today(MT.7:2; Js.4:2: Eze.36:37; Isa.64:3; Is.62:6,7). So if you are led to pray for someone, try and stop doing every thing else and get on your knees and pray till the burden is lifted!

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Walking by faith and not by sight

Question Text : How is the believer to walk by faith and not by sight when most of what we encounter is seen?

Answer Text : Oxford Dictionary defines faith as 1. complete trust or confidence 2. strong belief in a religion 3. a system of religious belief. The basic meaning of the word thus is complete trust or confidence. It is not a religious word at all in that sense.

Human society survives by faith and trust. We trust each other. We trust our milkman. We trust our railroad timetable. With out faith and trust the human society can not go on. But we all trust people and things which are physical and visible.

But when it comes to faith and trust in God, since God is not physical and visible, we are called up on to walk by faith and not by sight(2Cor.5:7). Though God is not visible, He is an ever present reality. The Bible declares that `the things that are seen are transient, but the things that are unseen (God) are eternal` (2Cor.4:18). The physical things that we put our trust in might fail any time.

For example the milkman might never show up or the train might have an accident. But this could never happen with God and His Word. We could be absolutely sure about some thing if the Scriptures declare it to be so. No one knows what the next minute might bring to us. But we could be absolutely sure that what ever is predicted in the Word of would come true.

It is true that God uses physical people and things around us for His glory. But we could never ever trust them as we could trust in God and His Word.Thus we walk by faith(in the invisible God) and not by sight. Ps.138:2 declares `thou hast exalted above everything thy name and thy word`. So even though God is invisible we could put our faith and trust in Him and in His Word much more than we could do it on people and things around us.

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Believer and Evil Spirits

Question Text :  I am a born-again Christian & for about 2 years I`ve been experiencing demonic disturbances. They come at night while I sleep. I`ve been through several deliverances & I`ve been to see several people, but the disturbances keep happening. I`ve read many of the topics on your sight about demons, particularly whether they can attach themselves to objects. I live with my mom & sister & although they are not actively involved in the new-age movement, they had crystals & goodluck stones which were given to them as gifts. There`s also several books on astroloy & tarot cards in a box somewhere. My question is, do the demons have a legal right into our home because of these things? Why do they keep disturbing me? It gets really bad at times. I feel emotionally drained.

Answer Text:  am glad that you are a born again Christian. In that way you are now technically out of the control of the evil forces around you. Before we were saved, we are told that we were under the influence of the prince of the power of the air who is at work in the children of disobedience (Eph.2:2). Now that you are saved you have been shifted from being in Adam to being in Christ (Rom.5:11-19; 1Cor.15:22). In Christ you are linked directly with the very resurrection power of Christ Himself (Eph.1:19).

It is now your duty to maintain this fellowship with Christ constantly by daily weeding your life of all sins and feeding your soul and spirit with the Word of God (2cor.7:1; 1 Pet.2:1-2) so that the power of God can freely flow through you. If you are careful about this, I see no reason why you should have such disturbances in your life by any demonic forces at all. Yes, it is true that we are asked not to bring any thing which has association with other spirits into our house (Dt.7:25,26). But then, since you are not the head of the house, you have no control over that. As long as you have no contact with such things, nothing can harm you if your link with the Lord is constant and if you do NOT have unconfessed sins in your life.

I know from experience that devils tremble at the name of Christ as we read in Jas.2:19. You might do well to read about my personal encounters with evil spirits and how they shudder at the name of Christ. So I am positive that if you do NOT have unconfessed sins in your life and if you do not entertain fear in your heart for them, and be regular in your Bible reading and secret prayer, then they will literally flee from you.

So, start your day with Bible reading and prayer and end the day in the same way. Spend a minimum of half hour each time. Kneel and pray. Begin your time with praise and end the same way.   Be in constant touch with the Lord through out the day and NO evil can come any where near you.

Read now the link below and respond to me after you follow my instructions about daily quiet time and prayer with the Lord. There is a small book of prayer in the site which you can read as well. God bless.

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