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Idol worship.

Que.  I’m from India,a Christian.From my childhood my parents prohibit me from going to Hindu temples and mosque. Now I am in college, my friends of other faith persuade me to go to temples and other religious centres.Is it wrong? My parents say that those places have evil spirits and possibly possess me. Who is correct – my parents or friends?
Ans.  Dear son, your parents are absolutely right and NEVER go with your friends to any temple or mosques ever to worship with them.  The Bible is very clear that those who do not trust in Christ are under the power of the evil spirits (Eph.2:2).  In fact, the whole world is under the power of the evil one (1John 5:19).  The Bible very clearly tells that those who sacrifice to idols are sacrificing to demons (1Cor.10:20).  So  NEVER go to temples or guru-dwaras or mosques ever to worship.
I need to give you a little more clarification about this.  Then only you will understand why this is very important.
Son, all religions say that man is a sinner.  We know this to be true in our personal life and in the life of all our friends.  There is selfishness, anger, envy, jealousy, pride etc etc in all our hearts.  These are the things which separate us from a holy God who is our one and only creator.  The Bible calls these attitudes of our hearts sin.  Sin is not merely adultery and murder or stealing.  Sin is the corrupt nature of our heart.

When any one calls on God without settling the sin problem, true holy God can NEVER listen.   When any one calls on god without a clean heart, only duplicate gods or gods of imagination will come to their aid. Demons come in the name of god and get their worship. Remember only house flies will come if there is some dirt in a place. Is it not?  You can never see a honey bee where there is dirt.

You can hear your friends who go to temples talk about miracles and answers to prayer.  True, Satan can perform miracles and that is how Satan is able to keep them in his fold. The Bible is very clear that when any one worships any idol, worship goes to demons (Acts 7:41,42).  But if you ask them whether their sins are forgiven, they will never be able to say it.  Truly, it is impossible for man to get forgiveness of sins by self effort (Mat.19:25,6).

So the Bible tells us that God made the way for man to be forgiven by sending His sinless Son as a man to this earth and Jesus took the punishment of our sins and if we repent and trust in Christ, we will be forgiven and our harts will be cleansed.  Then when we call on God, true and living God who is our only creator will listen to us and answer our prayers.

So what you need is to invite Christ into your heart now and become a child of God.  I will give you the link below which you can use to do that and you can know for sure that God has forgiven you and that you are a child of God.  May God bless you and make you a channel through whom many of your friends too will experience salvation and forgiveness of sins.    Here is the link for you.

If you have any more doubt or question please do not hesitate asking us.  I personally want to be with you and pray for you so that you can have a life full of blessings by God Almighty.  May His name be praised through your life.  Amen.



Casting Out Demons!


Question Text:  How is it possible that people from different religions drive out demons in the name of other gods? Exorcism is performed by many people today of various religions and beliefs.  Jesus said that Satan could not be against Satan.

 Answer Text:  You have given a very good and a very practical question. As you said, there are people in various religions who are able to ‘cast out devils’ form possessed people. It really looks contradictory to what Jesus said in Mt.12:26. So how shall we understand this situation? Have you ever witnessed some one other than a follower of Christ casting out demons from possessed people? If there is ever a chance, you must go and witness it for yourself. They never ever cast out using some one’s name or authority. They do it own their own power or in the power of the one in whom they work with, often torturing the possessed person. No demon ever goes out if some one tells them to get out from the possessed person in the name any man or any gods.

For example, no one can tell the demon, “I command you in the name of Hitler to get out of that person” or even to say, “I command you in the name of any god/s to come out”. They actually use force for casting out demons. And all that they can do is to keep the demons in the possessed persons under suppression. Demons are still in the possessed persons but they won’t exhibit their presence fearing the ones who suppressed them or “cast them out”.

This I know from my experience. I had a person brought to me who was possessed and was suffering for long years. The person suffering was the mother of three kids and the youngest was an infant. When she got possessed, she would fall flat irrespective of the place where she is. Being a tea leaves plucker in an estate, while engaged in the work she would fall flat and exhibit signs like that of an epileptic patient. She had fallen like this while cooking and at other times. But since her case was one of black magic and the demons could not even be suppressed by several Hindu poojaries and others. Finally, she was brought to me as a preacher of the gospel.

The demons were fooling me at first. Whenever I was with them, she would be normal and when ever I came out of their house demons would come back with more force and give more trouble. This went of for more than a week and I did not know what to do, that being my first ever exposure to a demon possessed person. Then I went and consulted a senior brother who told me a tremendous secret. This is the secret which helps all other exorcists to do their job. When a person is possessed, if we catch hold of that person, we are in fact catching hold of the demons who have possessed that person. Till we keep our hold on that person, demons are in our hands. If we torture the possessed person, the demons get tortured. If we have the mental stamina to face demons in this way, any strong person can suppress demons. And mostly exorcists use the power of their god/s to suppress demons in a possessed person.

When I learnt this secret, I fasted and prayed the whole of the following day I went and brought that person under possession and caught hold of the demons and that was the end of it. They started shivering like leaves in wind and promised never to come back to that person again as I commanded them in the name of Christ.

I hope you got the answer to your question. Others do not cast out using any name. They suppress demons by force, often by torturing them. Sometimes demons leave the person fearing torture but mostly they remain suppressed. You can read my interesting conversation with the demons from . Only at the name of Christ every knee shall bow. To His name be all glory. Amen

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Believer and Evil Spirits

Question Text :  I am a born-again Christian & for about 2 years I`ve been experiencing demonic disturbances. They come at night while I sleep. I`ve been through several deliverances & I`ve been to see several people, but the disturbances keep happening. I`ve read many of the topics on your sight about demons, particularly whether they can attach themselves to objects. I live with my mom & sister & although they are not actively involved in the new-age movement, they had crystals & goodluck stones which were given to them as gifts. There`s also several books on astroloy & tarot cards in a box somewhere. My question is, do the demons have a legal right into our home because of these things? Why do they keep disturbing me? It gets really bad at times. I feel emotionally drained.

Answer Text:  am glad that you are a born again Christian. In that way you are now technically out of the control of the evil forces around you. Before we were saved, we are told that we were under the influence of the prince of the power of the air who is at work in the children of disobedience (Eph.2:2). Now that you are saved you have been shifted from being in Adam to being in Christ (Rom.5:11-19; 1Cor.15:22). In Christ you are linked directly with the very resurrection power of Christ Himself (Eph.1:19).

It is now your duty to maintain this fellowship with Christ constantly by daily weeding your life of all sins and feeding your soul and spirit with the Word of God (2cor.7:1; 1 Pet.2:1-2) so that the power of God can freely flow through you. If you are careful about this, I see no reason why you should have such disturbances in your life by any demonic forces at all. Yes, it is true that we are asked not to bring any thing which has association with other spirits into our house (Dt.7:25,26). But then, since you are not the head of the house, you have no control over that. As long as you have no contact with such things, nothing can harm you if your link with the Lord is constant and if you do NOT have unconfessed sins in your life.

I know from experience that devils tremble at the name of Christ as we read in Jas.2:19. You might do well to read about my personal encounters with evil spirits and how they shudder at the name of Christ. So I am positive that if you do NOT have unconfessed sins in your life and if you do not entertain fear in your heart for them, and be regular in your Bible reading and secret prayer, then they will literally flee from you.

So, start your day with Bible reading and prayer and end the day in the same way. Spend a minimum of half hour each time. Kneel and pray. Begin your time with praise and end the same way.   Be in constant touch with the Lord through out the day and NO evil can come any where near you.

Read now the link below and respond to me after you follow my instructions about daily quiet time and prayer with the Lord. There is a small book of prayer in the site which you can read as well. God bless.

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