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Mary’s Prayer

Question Text  Before Mary was visited by the angel What kind of prayer would she have been praying. In that era would she have had a set prayer or would she be praying a personal prayer? 
Answer Text  In the Biblical era you may notice that all prayers were personal prayers. All the prayers that are made mention of in the Scriptures are all personal prayers. It looks that there is no exemption to this rule. So we may conclude without any doubt that the prayers that Mary prayed before she was visited by the angel were surely her personal prayers. Set prayers came into vogue after Christianity became a formal religion with all its practices which are not found or attested in the Scriptures. While set prayers have a lot to their credit, personal prayers surpass them all as it is simply a heart to heart communion with God. Hannah in the Old Testament is a typical exampe (1Sam.1:12-13). Kindly observe that all the prayers listed in the Bible, Invariably they were all pesonal prayers.

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Improving Prayer Life

Question Text  How can I improve my prayer life? 
Answer Text  It is a great question. Everyone does not have a desire to pray. I believe the desire is given by God Himself (Phil.2:13). He can only give us the desire. Decision is always ours. So cash on your desire and make a positive decision that you are indeed going to improve your prayer life and stick with your decision till prayer becomes a habit with you.

There must be basically two important ponts in your decision to improve your prayer life. First is the amount of time you are going to spend in prayer. I suggest a minimum of one hour per day is the least if at all you want to make any impression. Less than that would be too meager a prayer time. The next important thing is the place where you will spend that time in. Just as all of us have a living room, a dinning room and a bed room, each of us needs to have a place where we go for prayer. You can easily convert your bed room into pryer room or if you can afford another room it is still better. Or convert your study into your prayer room. The place too is important as we are all people of habit, a fixed time and a fixed place will draw our hearts to prayer.  The best pose in prayer is to kneel.  Kneel beside a cot or a chair with an open Bible and a hymn book.

Then to meaningfully spend one hour in God`s presence, divide one hour into several slots like first five minutes for praise, the next five minutes to search our hearts in God`s presence for any thing which might hinder our prayer being answered. This we do with the Word of God. Then spend the next ten minutes for reading a new portion and spend another ten minutes for meditation on that passage asking basically `what` `why`and `how` questions deriving at observation, interpretation and application of the passage. As we study God`s Word regulary like this, God will speak to us about our behaviour, He will reveal His will for us and He will also give us promises to base our prayers on.

Then spend the next twenty minutes for intercession, praying for world evangelisation, praying for spiritual growth of the church you are a member of, praying for others around us and their needs. Only specific prayers will bring back specific asnwers. So try to be very specific as far as you can. Then do not forget to pray for our needs as the Lord taught us to pray, `give us this day our daily bread`. As we end our prayer we need to thank Him for His grace and care and especially remember to thank Him for answering prayers specifically.

One thing to remember is that until prayer becomes a habit with us, please stick with your decision at whatever cost. Many give up after a few days! That is the most dangerous thing! Make prayer a daily habit without which you just can not do. May God bless you as you decide to improve your prayer life.

If you need further help there is a blogsite maintained just for promoting prayer awareness by the same author. There is a small book on prayer and there are many wonderful answers to prayer listed there. visit  and be benefited. God bless

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