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License To Sin?!

Question Text:   I was a Hindu, saved at the age of 14. I backslid many times and then I repented. I had a horrible childhood of abuse etc, never had a childhood or teen years as a normal kid even unto adulthood. When i was 22 i committed fornication once, also drank and smoked. I repented. I stopped then I committed fornication again although a bit unwillingly. I read Heb. Chap. 10. Am i saved?

Answer Text:  You said you were saved at the age of 14, though a Hindu. Praise God for the grace given to you. Then you talked about your backslidings and coming back again and again. You talked about your reluctant sins in your life and wonder whether you are saved. Truly you need to wonder about it. The Bible teaches that a child of God can NOT continue in sin (1Jn.3:9). The very fact that you are reluctant shows that the Spirit of God is within you. That you are concerned about your salvation is an indication that you are indeed a saved person! People of the world not only commit these sins but they enjoy doing it and want to have more and more of it. The Bible teaches that God can not tolerate sin where ever it is found. There is NO forgiveness for willful sins either in the OT or in the NT (Num.15:30,31; Heb.10:26). Sin in the life of a believer is punished here and now while we are in the body (1Cor.5:5). To a sinning child of God there is NO condemnation; but there WILL BE chastisement (1Cor.11:32). The Bible clearly teaches that salvation is a gift from God (Eph.2:8). All that we can DO to get this salvation is to receive it by faith. Since you can not DO any thing to get it, you can NOT do any thing to lose it either. The Bible teaches that once you are saved you are always saved. But that does NOT give you license to live in sin. Sin will be punished where ever it is found. I am going to give you one or two links from where you can go to many other related links and learn all about being saved and the need for a holy life. May the Lord give you grace to live a life pleasing to Him so that you may not be ashamed at His coming (1Jn.2:28). May His name be glorified. Amen. Please study the following links thoroughly and live a life acceptable to Him. .  Praise His Holy Name.  Amen

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I Am Afraid

Question Text  I live in India where majority of the population are Hindus. hence in our daily life we come across lot many objects food and other articles which are related to Hinduism. Like the other day someone told me that it is good to keep camphor at home as it is a good cockroach repellant. Camphor is also used in Hindu temples for thei prayers. Now I already have some fear issues of objects related to Hindu prayers. I have purchased this camphor from a store and this camphor has never been used for any prayers in temples and is purely fresh. I would request you to pyay for me and release me from this fear and give me a comfortable answer so that these objects related to Hindu faith no more drags me into any fear. Also I have been having chronic fear problems for last 12 years. Kindly give me suitable verses for me which will help me release me form fear forever.

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Answer Text  Yours is a very practical problem faced by many new believers who are from a Hindu background. According to Hinduism almost every thing around us has some religious significance. New believers in Christ who were brought up in such a backgorund find it some times very difficult to decide as to what to do and what not to do.

 Dt.7:25,26 very clearly tells us not to keep any relics that belong to idolatrous wroship any where in our residence. In Acts 19:18 and 19 we read about new believers who had practiced curious arts burnt their books when they became believers in Christ showing that they had made a clear cut turnigng away from their old ways of life. These verses tell us that we should have nothing what so ever to do with our old ways of life when we become believers in Christ.

 In 1Cor. 8 Paul spends a whole chapter on the issue of food offered to idols. It is good to study that passage well as Paul sets there some clear principles about that issue. In v.4 Paul says that idols are nothing. But every one does not have this knowledge (v.6). Therefore it is essential that we do nothing with a doubtful heart or we should do nothing which offends another believer. That is the principle to be followed.

Now let me talk about the case of camphor which you bought from shop. Remember camphor has no religiocity attatched to it at all. The only thing is they use camphor for their worship. But they also use coconut in their worship. They use plantain, milk, honey or even ghee in their worship. If you say, because they use camphor in their worship you can not use camphor at home to keep cockroaches away, you must also say that you are not going to use any of the things mentioned above as well. You can not even use fire or even water because they use both fire and water in their worship! I hope you got the point.

Hindus consider cow as one of their gods `Kamadheenu`. So are you not going to keep a cow at home or enjoy milk? I had a small dairy farm for some time with four or five animals at home!

God has graciously enlightened our minds and we have had the privilege to know the living God and we should be grateful for it. We should keep our lives holy and clean not doing any thing which would grieve the Spirit of God within us (Eph.4:30). Please read the whole paragraph and it will tell you what are the things which grieve the Holy Spirit.

Now your fear issue. Faith and fear cancells each other. If you have fear that means you do not have faith; on the other hand if you have faith you can not have fear. Luk 8:50 says `But when Jesus heard, He answered Him, saying, Do not fear, only believe and she shall be healed`.

 Faith is assurance; faith is evidence (Heb.11:1). Faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word of God (Rom.10:17). I suggest that you fill your heart with the Word of God so that fear will disappear. Psa.91 is a good portion of Scripture which you can memorize and keep reciting to yourself and fear will disapper if you believe those verses.

Here are a few other verse which help us fight fear. Ps 27:1,3, Ps 46:2, Ps 56:4, Pr 28:1, Isa 41:10, Isa 43:1, Isa 46:12, Lu 1:74, Ac 27:24, Php 1:28, Heb 13:6, 1Pe 3:14,15. There are ever so many such verses in the Bible.

I suggest that you take a small note book and keep recording new verses as and when you find them in your daily reading of the Scripture. And you will find that there is no place for fear in the life of a true Christian beleiver. May the Lord help you to live a victorious Christian life for His golry

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