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Knowing Jesus

Question Text: What does it mean and how do I ‘know’ Jesus?

Answer Text:  Hi, I am so pleased to meet you with your questions. Your first question is: What does it mean and how do I ‘know’ Jesus. Ok. Two different words are used in the original language Of the New Testament to talk about ‘knowing’. The first word has the idea of knowing some thing in theory. We might say know about some one or some thing. Then the next word translated ‘know’ is experiential knowledge. It is knowledge based on experience. In both levels described above we need to ‘know’ our Lord. We read the gospels to know about Him. And the epistles will teach us to know Him intimately as a person, by being with Him, conversing with Him, being intimate to Him etc. Paul talks about knowing Him and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His sufferings (Phil.3:10). The NT talks about a time when we can become so intimate with the Lord that we become one spirit with Him (1Cor.6:17). That will be a glorious experience. When we reach that stage we will be able to think thoughts similar to what He thinks. That should be the goal of every true believer! This is made possible as you spend time with Him every day  in quietness with the Word and in intimate fellowship and prayer before Him.

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