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Marry Some One Whom You Don’t Know and Don’t Love!

Question  Text:    Marry someone whom u don’t know and don’t love?

Answer Text:

Hi, Your question is a very interesting one. I would expect a question like this from some one living in the West. But your profile says that you are from Asia. Any how, my answer to your question is that you should NEVER marry some one for whom you do not have love; and you can never marry some one of whom you know all about!

I will explain.   Knowing a person is really a difficult task. No one knows any one else fully and people can easily put on a show to give a false appearance till the date of marriage, if they want to. In the Western countries almost every one marries after `knowing` each other to a large extend. But how come, there are more divorces there than in any other place? Did they not `know` each other even before marriage? Many `know` each other before marriage in the euphemistic sense of the word `know`as well. But then, where is the problem? Is it because they did not know each other? Or is it because they knew too much of each other? My friend, you can not marry some one whom you know sufficiently well, because it is simply an impossible task. On the other hand, you can get to know a person well enough if you spend a few hours talking to each other.

Now, the question of love is very crucial. You MUST never marry some one for whom you have not felt that passionate love.  No one ever marries a stranger who suddenly appears on the stage! Before one decides to marry, both the spouses are given opportunity to hear about each other and to hear from each other. Photos are exchanged through a middle man.  Unless love is generated on hearing about a person and seeing the picture  in the context of marriage, one should NOT even get to see that person at all. On seeing that person and talking to each other for some time, if that love is NOT intensified as passionate love,  they should not marry each other. Both the spouses must have that passionate love for each other before the marriage is fixed. In a country like India, it is mandatory that after the marriage is fixed and announced there should be a gap of three weeks when the marriage could be finally executed. This is the period when the spouses usually long for each other.

You must remember that marriage is some thing which is in the plan of God. It is God who prepares the bride and the groom for each other WITHOUT the knowledge of each other. Adam was having a deep sleep just before he saw his spouse for the first time. Then, when he saw her, he busts into a beautiful poetic expression. This is the first ever poetic verse in the Hebrew Bible. `Made for each other` feeling will come to you if that is the person whom God has planned for you if you approach the issue with much prayer and dedication. If you consider marriage as a contract between three instead of two, God being the third person, the whole outlook will change. Assuming that you are not married yet, may I wish you a blessed and a happy married life, a married life in the perfect plan of God when the God element is in the forefront of marriage. If the human element is in forefront, chances are that the marriage will fail soon. May that not happen to you. May the Lord`s name be glorified through your marriage. Amen.

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