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Whom Do I Marry?

Question Text:   The Lord lifted me from scratch and gave me every thing I need in life.   Now  I really need some help in the form of a life partner.    I am willing to accept what lord Jesus choose for me.   Please make it sooner rather than later.   Please give me an honest answer and pray for me.

Answer Text :    I am so glad to hear how the Lord lifted you from scratch and gave you every thing you need in your life. I am also glad to hear that you are willing to have a life partner chosen by the Lord. It is indeed wonderful to talk to you.

The Bible teaches that the concept of the family originated with God. In fact the God-head is a unique family. Three persons in the God-head always think, will and feel the same thing! Thus though they are three separate persons, they together make One God – the Triune God of whom the Bible speaks. The triune God has ordained that man also should be in families. He looked at Adam and said to Himself, `It is not good for man to be alone` (Gen.2:18) and He decided to make a helper suitable for Adam. Thus man and wife became one flesh. In reality they became one family. Psalm 68:6 says that God sets the solitary in families. So even today, it is God who is uniting people in to families.

Talking about marriage Jesus our Lord said, `that which God has united, let no man put asunder` (Mt.19:6). So the uniting work is done by the Lord Himself. Now I am sure that some one some where is already prepared by the Lord as your spouse and it is for you to discover who it is by waiting upon the Lord in prayer and in consultation with fellow believers around. I am sure you are already on the move and that’s why you came to us with this question. So let me ask you to learn to pray in secret about this matter. I have set up a website just to talk about prayer and specially how to pray to get answers. Please go to and select `book on prayer` from categories and read about how to make prayer a secret habit with you. Then prayer must always be accompanied by steps in faith.

As a step of faith may I suggest you to register your name in and send your profile to them. You can also see there dozens of profiles of highly qualified believer girls from all language groups in India looking for life-partners. If you wish you can also register in one or two other matrimonials and wait upon the Lord to show you the right person of His choice as your life-partner. We pray that the Lord will indeed guide you in your decision for His glory. You must also remember that the Bible talks about another family for every man to be a member of. It is the church of the living God which is pictured as the house of God in 1Tim.3:15. If you are not already a member of the house of God, you need to think of it seriously and try to become one. Otherwise spiritually you will be like some one with out a house! May that not ever be true of you. May the Lord lead you in every step of the way. To His Name be glory. Amen.

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