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Is God Cruel In Punishment?

 Question Text : “Is God cruel? I was   shocked when Iread deuteronomy 28:15-68 full of curses”.

Answer Text :  Your  question of God being cruel is a against the Bible revelation which presents God as love (1Jn.4:8).   Sinners get punished because they work against the operating principles of God and God is helpless.  Now read on.

If  God is love how are we to understand God punishing people for their sins?  You must remember that God operates this universe using fixed laws which can NEVER be changed as long as this earth lasts (Psa.148:6).  There are physical laws like the law of gravity. Can you imagine jumping from a high flat with out getting hurt?  No one can break the law of gravity and can imagine that he would escape with out getting hurt.  Scientists have discovered several of the physical laws and we use them for our benefit. 

Now, God uses spiritual laws as well.  And God has given in writing all the spiritual laws by which we need to abide by (Psa.147:19). One of the unchanging laws of God is “what a man sows, so he reaps”.  And God has given us the freedom to choose life or death. Any one who breaks any of God’s written laws is bound to get hurt.  God can not be blamed for the hurt as He has clearly told us what is what in His Word.  He has given us the freedom to choose life or death. 

Read what the Bible says about it.  “Do not deceive yourselves; no one makes a fool of God. You will reap exactly what you plant. If you plant in the field of your natural desires, from it you will gather the harvest of death; if you plant in the field of the Spirit, from the Spirit you will gather the harvest of eternal life” (Gal 6:7-8 GNB).  That is why Ezekiel would ask, “why should Israel die” (Eze.18:31). 

In Dt.28 God is telling us clearly what will the result of obeying His laws or disobeying them.  We can choose what we want in life.  God is helpless if we choose to disobey Him.  We will surely get hurt now and later our sin and our disobedience will tak e us to a place from where God has withdrawn His presence and the Bible calls in hell.  This happens because God does NOT want to force any one to choose Him or to choose goodness only.  If that was the case, we would have been like robots.

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Waiting For Answers

I have had a few email exchanges with an atheist Guru who claims to have a best seller on the subject.  In my email exchanges with him, he was very generous and answered all my questions except three which I am giving here for any one else to answer. 

I said, “In all your mails you did not answer my three questions.”  I went on to say, “I hope you will give me answers to these questions”.  I did not get a reply from him as yet.  Some one reading this might like to answer me.  ok.
Qn1.  Produce ONE person other person than you, who had an over-night transformation from drugs,  sex, and gutter like you had, by trusting  in self, or in some thing,  or in anything other than in Jesus.  (In his deconverson story he says that he had trusted in JESUS and that he was transformed over-night in his late teens from drugs and sex etc. But now he says that it was in himself that he trusted and not in Jesus. Now he says that it was the ‘power of faith’ that saved him and not Jesus.) 

I said, I would show him millions aroud the world who could testify that Jesus changed them over-night. I am asking for just one person who had an over-night transformation like that with out Jesus and the Bible.
Qn2. Tell me the names of SOME THING, ANY THING which do not exist other than God and the spirit world (as you say they do not),  and yet men every where have been talking about it non-stop from time immemorial even until today.
3.  Show me ONE individual who produced similar results as I have produced for a whole life time, but trusting in some thing or any thing other than the God of the Bible.

I said I could show him numerous people like myself all around the world who subsisted by prayer. (See my post ‘Maruthy Omni’ to read about  how I got the car which I run now. Could any one produce similar results by trusting in ‘any thing or some thing’ or trusting in self?)  For my experience in constructing a concrete building in thirty days with out a human sponsor and other experiences in prayer see my blog-site .

 Thanks for taking time  out to read this post.  I am waiting for answers.

Have a great day!


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